Bogusia Kavanagh

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Bogusia.

I’m a Polish-born Profesional Photographer based in Mansfield/Nottingham, UK.

My adventure with the camera started when I was 11-12 years old, with my mum's Minolta, and that was IT!

My life changed. Zenith, Praktica, Nikon were my best friends, and I lived in the Dark Room! 

Now days I use Canon cameras and lenses.

At College I had the pleasure to study Art for 5 years ... at age 19 I decided I wanted to be a Barrister and I have earned a Masters Degree in Law at University. 

I'm a happy, free-spirited person who loves travelling and picking up inspiration everywhere I go.

I love family, newborn, weddings, lifestyle shots, portraits - you name it!


I love to photograph love in its purist form. 

It's about making you comfortable and free to be who you are, so I can capture you and your essence.

I never say no to a creative photoshoot :)

Happy wife of Mr.K and a doggy mummy to two French Mastiffs Freddie & Amber.

Bogusia Mansfield